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We know the subprime market like nobody else's business.

No one needs a subprime lender who hasn't spent time walking in the shoes of a dealer. At GO we've done both. We've sold. We've lent. That's why we can confidently say we understand the customer/dealer relationship better than anyone else.

The Industry Leader...

GO is a subsidiary of the largest privately owned chain of subprime financing dealerships in the country. GO has sold and funded over 850,000 subprime auto loans. That’s right 850,000. We have also successfully completed over $7.5 billion in securitizations through the use of our Pooled Auto Loan Program (PALP).

A lot of loans. A lot of money. Could you use some of it?

Why Partner with GO

The subprime market represents over 33% of all vehicles sold today. How big a piece of that are you missing? More importantly, how big a piece do you want?
GO has two national call centers staffed with over 400 thoroughly knowledgeable account representatives servicing a $1.5 billion portfolio.
GO’s easy to use web-based portal provides quick customer scoring, timely inventory searches and customizable deal structuring.

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We know the market like nobody else's business.

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